Community LifeLine

Neighborhood solutions for pets and the people who love them.

Animals in need don't always come to us. Sometimes we have to go to them. Communities in need don't always seek us out. Sometimes we have to go to them.

At LifeLine Animal Project, that's what we do.


We all live together in this society, humans and our animal companions. Yet in some areas actual and potential disturbances with pets and neglected animals are a daily reality. Thin dogs on chains, straining to get attention or threatening to run off passersby, unaltered dogs and cats contributing to the suffering in pet overpopulation, illegal dog fighting, strays rummaging through garbage for their only meal of the day, taxpayer costs of catching and tending to those strays – these are realities.

Can the problems be solved? Yes. Who can solve them? We can. With your help, LifeLine can make a daily difference through compassion, education and action.

The Challenge:

  • Unaltered male dogs are responsible for 70- 76% of all dog bites.
  • Dogs of any breed kept on chains are proved more likely to bite.
  • Dog fighting encourages anti-community activity – gambling, backyard breeding and intense animal cruelty.
  • Studies say up to 46% of violent crimes among youth start with the "red flag" of animal abuse.
  • Millions of tax-payer dollars each year go to managing these problems, rather than solving them.

LifeLine's Solutions:

  • Low and no cost spay/neuter.
  • Coordination of pet wellness programs with local vets and animal welfare groups.
  • Educational programs and materials regarding spay/neuter benefits and the human/animal bond.
  • Organizing trainers and pet professionals to provide low and no cost training and supplies.
  • Coordination assistance for free fence construction and other visual community improvements.
  • Data gathering regarding crime, animal control complaints/impounds and the status of pets in the community.

The Benefits:

  • Increased public safety.
  • Decrease in stray and abandoned dogs and cats in the community and county shelters.
  • Decreased complaints and actual events of cruelty to and neglect of pets.
  • Fewer dogs on chains and in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Increased community pride, knowledge, independence and involvement

One day at a time, one dog and cat at a time, LifeLine can, with your help and proven effective programs, make a real and visible difference in the world we all share. Please help us. Our power is in doing this together, for the animals who need us all.

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